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Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

Jude Heimel

Jude HeimelJude Heimel, organization consultant as facilitator, trainer and evaluator has been fascinated by the workings of organizations since she began "work" (at age 7) in her father’s neighborhood bar, setting tables and washing dishes. "I learned my project management and customer relations skills from working in bars and supper clubs," says Jude. "That environment provided me with insights into psychology, organizational dynamics, and the importance of systems."

Since that time, Jude has turned her talents to organizations of a more technical bent, specializing in scientific and Information Technology based organizations. Her clients have included Los Alamos National Laboratory, Alliance for Innovation in Science and Technology Information, Georgia Institute of Technology (College of Computing), Bell Laboratories, Cray Research, AT&T, Lucent Technologies, Novellus Systems, and divisions of the U.S. Air Force. Jude has a BA in Organization Development and Program Planning and an MA in Applied Social Research.

Serving clients as an evaluator, facilitator and trainer, Jude busies herself with program, project and process evaluations and re-planning, and designing and leading small and large group events. (See Jude and Lisa’s article, Smart Work: Getting the Whole System to Work! on this web site.) Jude balances her life by living in a small town in New Mexico where large cottonwood trees along the Rio Grande River shade her family and their dogs, cats, chickens and birds.


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