Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

Our Strategic Partners

We are proud to work collaboratively with the following strategic partners:

Appleby and Associates, LLC – Appleby and Associates is an alliance of management consultants, specializing in building workplaces where people fully commit their talents to making their organization and customers successful. Providing a broad spectrum of services including leadership development & coaching, team building, and change leadership program design.

The BestWork® People – Commerce is an inescapable dimension of human life, and the source of power in the modern world. Its root is an ancient legacy: coordinating - exchanging value - to help each other thrive. We invite you to learn how to harness that powerful legacy, bringing meaning and new value to your enterprise and your community every day.

Cascadance – Aligning Business and Biology for Organizational Excellence. Cascadance is a leadership development firm providing innovative executive coaching and culture transformation services to Fortune 500 organizations and high potential technology start-ups. Leveraging neuroscience, we bring business practices into alignment with human biology to catalyze productivity, innovation and collaboration. We are passionate about creating healthy, resilient and generative 21st Century workplaces.

KarenLam – Karen Lam coaches CEO's and key spokespeople to brand themselves through communication, build a compelling media story, and expand their communication skills. She also leads conversations about the things that fascinate her: genius in its many forms, leadership in its many forms. The relationship between power, success and femininity, and how women leaders can be all three at once. How to un-learn what no longer serves us. How to foster less dogma and more dialogue. How to be happy and have more fun!

Emergent Solutions Organization Design Labs – Emergent Solutions is an organization design lab dedicated to bringing innovative ideas and methods to our customers. We collaborate with you at the intersection of leadership, strategy, workplace design to reveal emerging opportunities for your business. At Emergent Solutions, we work with you as your thought and action partners to grow and to learn.

Insight Coaching – Insight Coaching works to develop mature, insightful and effective 21st century leadership at all levels in corporate, government and non-profit organizations, through coaching, consulting, facilitating and training for business leaders, managers and teams.

Mariposa Leadership – Mariposa Leadership, Inc. is a premier provider of leadership coaching for executives and managers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley.


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