Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

How We Work: With Crises

Navigating the Global Downturn

Leaders are under a great deal of pressure as the meltdown worsens. Business as usual simply won’t suffice.   Here’s the question all leaders are facing: Are your

  • customers curious enough,     
  • employees ingenious enough,  
  • metrics incisive enough.
  • models resilient enough

to navigate this white knuckle, white water time? 

We recommend two powerful, streamlined processes to ensure that the quality of your thinking and action is up to the challenge, and that your people are prepared.
We bring applications from Neuroscience you can integrate to keep brains nimble in a highly-stressed market environment, and ensure that your organization is ready, willing and able to play to win.

Our Invitation to Survivability and Beyond

Phase 1 - Originally developed by Rand Corp. for the military after WW II to help them “think the unthinkable,” scenario planning is the only form of strategic planning that makes sense in this environment.  The Smart Work™ scenario planning process will spark fresh thinking and prepare your teams to maneuver through ongoing change.  We keep it short and simple – requires about 1 ½  days of our time over the course of a few weeks, altho you and your teams will be doing significant additional work.  It quickly delivers:

  • Four possible scenarios your organization may face over the next few years, including an absolute worst case;
  • A deeper shared understanding of the key forces impacting and driving your business at this extraordinary moment;
  • An elegant action plan, addressing the greatest number of those scenarios:  revealing what moves would be best undertaken now, and what trigger points  will indicate the right time for other actions;

This process quickly puts you in shape for better decisions as the economy continues to morph. With a deeper understanding of the world you’re operating in, and a broader sensitivity to external changes, organizational responses will become more nimble and timely. 

In neurological terms, the process primes organizational circuitry to pay attention to new patterns, and enables neuro-plasticity.  In simpler language, your thinking, and your organization’s thinking improves!  You’re better able to cope with things like an unraveling economy.

Phase 2 – Prepared with far greater clarity about the world in which you find your enterprise, we recommend using the discipline of Game Theory.  In a guided process, you’ll:

  • Face up to that fact that the business game you’ve always played has been or is being supplanted, and then invent a new one, a proprietary business game that addresses the key issues you’ve articulated in scenarios planning
  • Explore games that competitors and key segments may be playing
  • Design elegant success measures and strategies for winning
  • Identify new competences that may be required
  • Use the Master Moves ™ to streamline and strengthen your action plan
  • Refine roles and responsibilities to optimize delivery.

Phase 2 requires 2 days of your time, with follow-up by phone and email. 

Want to be one of the fittest enterprises in the downturn?  By when?



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