Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

How We Work: With Leaders

"Bad leaders are hated and feared, good leaders are loved and admired, and with great leaders, the people say, 'We did it ourselves.'"

~ Lao Tzu, Chinese philosopher, 6th Century BC (another time of great social complexity)

Great leaders lead through their being — their presence.
They ask compelling questions that open a fertile space of learning and growth, inside of which people are able to enlarge their natural abilities, to take on the glow of a shared call to action, to resonate together powerfully, and to generate new advantages for stakeholders.

By being fully true to their own values, mature leaders invite others to operate from their own deep commitments, toward profound results. The result is an array of wise decisions, and focused, coordinated action.

Changing behavior (maturing) is the hardest thing
leaders and organizations do.

Behavior change is a big investment, neurologically and in every other way. It requires intention and attention, commitment, accountability and practice. It requires both personal and organizational discipline.

Compelling stories can serve as catalysts — providing a reason for people to grow. Yet articulating the story is not enough. Nor is having a charismatic storyteller. The entire organization must understand and commit to the story, and leaders must consistently embody it for a great story to achieve lift-off. This requirement for "embodiment" of the story is critical to effective leadership in an interrupted, driven, chaotic world, and it is where we focus our leadership coaching work.

Great leaders don't just tell their stories, they live by them:
what might enable YOU to lead at your best?


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