Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...

Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...


Lisa Marshall On Exiting, Firing, and Burnout Nation
Listen to Lisa's interview with Amiel Handelsman on The Amiel Show and consider the following questions with greater maturity, clarity, and thoughtfulness: How do you lay someone off? How can you exit an organization gracefully? What does it take to make meetings juicier? That way, in the very act of doing what you’re paid to do, you can grow into a leader others want to hire, partner with, and follow.

The Executive's Journey to Leadership Maturity
Watch as Lisa Marshall and Charles Feltman discuss their upcoming workshop for ISAE, exploring the steps in the journey to leadership maturity and the full expression of oneself as a leader. Drawing from a diverse range of sources, rooted in both current neuroscience and ancient myths, Marshall and Feltman present a framework for self-examination, and for assessing the next steps each participant needs to take to continue on their journey to authentic, mature leadership.

Burnout Nation

Watch or listen to Lisa's interviews on burnout:

  • Click here to watch Lisa's interview from Inside Out, WPSU. (Please note that this will pop-up a new window).
  • Click here to listen to Lisa's radio interview on burnout from Take Note, WPSU. (Please note, this is a rather large file and may take a moment to load).

Wise Talk Teleconference

Listen to Lisa's "Wise Talk" conversation with Sue Bethanis of Mariposa Leadership on "Truthtelling in Organizations".


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