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Are You Leading? Challenges & Triumphs How We Work Books, Papers & Reflections About ...


"As you know I probably was one of your least enthusiastic clients when you first engaged, but I have told so many people over the years of the significant impact you had on me, my team and shaping my career and success. I am sure you hear this from many that you have worked with over your career. But I wanted to take a moment and pass on my thanks for the work you did with me and my team. As you know, those we kept and integrated became very successful, and I believe you had a key part in inspiring their careers in the same way you inspired mine. I have used your work and the impact you had on us as examples for years and as the reason for hiring high quality corporate coaches."

~ Kevin Corbett, Co-Founder and President, REV Plus 5.0

"You are quite amazing my friend!  You are able to create a desire in me to grow always!"

~ Beth Paulson, Veterans Administration contractor

"Are you kidding about reconnecting? My root-canal 1:1's with you were absolutely fundamental in changing my career trajectory. You totally changed the kind of manager (and person) I am."

~ D. Parker, VP, Fortune 50 Company

"Lisa helped me define my professional self. Her coaching has been effective and efficient, well aligned with my pace of personal change. Although we have not met face to face and all our time together has been by phone, Lisa is immediately engaging and quickly identified priorities. Her expertise, respect for the client, smart approach to working life and general good humor make her a trusted adviser. And you can't help but like her."

~ Penny Shone, Managing Director, Financial Services Sector

"At the climax of Mission Impossible 3, Ethan Hunt has to talk Julia into electrocuting him. "I'm going to die unless you kill me," he says. Leadership coaching with Lisa is a lot like that. Lisa helped me learn faster by helping me see habits and actions that needed to die in order for me to grow and succeed as a leader."

~ T. Quillan, Tech Leader

"Over the years I have become very skeptical about coaches. But Lisa Marshall and Marsha Shenk proved to be those few exceptions to the rule. In a very short period of time both have been critical in providing me with insights and concrete managerial tools to trigger a profound change in a derpartment that for a very long time has been performing "business as usual". After a two-day memorable retreat, they have turned around the way I relate to my staff, significantly improving the employee climate at my department. Their commitment and quality time devoted to the client is something that I have not seen in my entire career. But beware: Lisa and Marsha say it as it is, even if it hurts and be prepared to work very hard. "

~ Pablo Halpern, Inter-American Development Bank

"In retrospect, the best analogy I can think of to describe the coaching experience, Lisa, is the old after-shave commercial, where the guy gets a slap in the face, and says, 'thanks, I needed that!' The most significant take-away from the experience for me was the simple realization that I was not having fun at work, was not completely engaged, and that it showed.

"Beyond that realization, perhaps the next most significant result of being coached has been an increase in my self-confidence. It's nice to hear from a smart person that I have potential.

"And of course, there's the whole notion of wrapping things up in a story. The notion of knowing and telling and living the story of where [our organization] came from and where we're going is terrifically powerful, especially for me. I worry about not being to be able to keep all of the details of what-to-do and what-not-to-do in my head and in my habits. Your point that if I buy-in and commit to the story then the details will take care of themselves is quite reassuring.

"The bottom line is that I'm more engaged at work, and having a lot of fun. I know I've been able to get a few people excited about the things I believe in, and that's been tremendously rewarding."

~ T. Rampone, VP, Fortune 50 Company

"When Lisa coached a class I attended in '99, I was impressed with her insight, passion & ability to communicate with people under significant stress. Subsequently, I have come to appreciate her wisdom and patience. Its rare in the field of technology to find someone who is demanding without being demeaning or aggressive. Lisa is such a person, a great coach and an insightful leader."

~ Tony Deady - IT Security Executive - Automotive Sector

"Coaching keeps me moving on my personal leadership development path. The sessions instill fresh momentum and bring my attention back to those behaviours that need work. They help me keep a perspective on my own development needs while also keeping me grounded with a realistic and constructive perspective on my current achievements and behaviours. The sessions are provocative, challenging, empathetic and hugely enriching. Together we work through the issues that are fundamental to my relationships with others. I find especially valuable taking a holistic approach to the notion of leadership, recognizing that it resides in the person as opposed to in the job description."

~ Dave Tyrrell, VP, NTT DATA Services

"The value of personal management coaching is twofold: 1) the training content and 2), the training process. .I do think that the success of the messages conveyed to the manager is greatly increased through direct, face-to-face interaction. Body language and 'unsaid' messages are not so easily disguised in such an environment. The more successful the message the more the manager feels that they have gotten something useful out of the experience and can utilize it in their professional and possibly personal life.

"The second aspect is the training program or process itself. The manager that is getting the training feels a sense of importance in that they were selected to participate in a process designed to improve them as a person. This sense strengthens the relationship between management and gives them a common bond, or fraternity, that breeds further improvements in teamwork.

"Once started with a small group, the gain of additional tentacles into the organization creates exponential return as the "community" grows. The early trainees continue to learn as they interact with those in training who may get different feedback in their sessions. Soon every one is "teaching" everyone else.

"As personal feedback, I think you possess both knowledge base and communication skills to articulate how your knowledge translates into my coaching needs."

~ Chris Carter, VP, Consumer Network Services, EDS

"When I started coaching with Lisa there were several things I saw in myself and our organization that I wanted to change, and leadership coaching helped me to be much more effective in bringing about those changes. Lisa was able to offer an outsider's perspective and challenge some of the ideas that we 'assume' as part of our company culture. She challenged my thinking and strategies regarding change, which ultimately led to the formulation of a strategy that has been fairly successful inside various groups within the company.

"When we faced changes that included reorganization, cost reductions, transition to global teams, and impacting the work flow in nearly every area of our product development teams, I again turned to Lisa. Through her coaching, I was able to provide more intentional leadership to the effort that ultimately led to a transition that, so far, has been very successful.

"Overall, I consider the dollar investment worth it and would recommend to anyone who is interested in learning more abut themselves and strategies for how to be an effective and intentional leader. Lisa is also a walking encyclopedia - when it comes to leadership and people, I can't think of a better resource.

"Downside??? She will challenge you and won't 'let you off the hook', and our corporate culture doesn't intimidate her. That's probably what makes her such a great leadership coach."

~ M. Shipman, Tech Leader

"The coaching program helped make a difference in my career. There are probably several reason for that, the most critical being an open mind. Whatever you can do to ensure that your participants approach these sessions with a frame of mind that is open, positive, and willing to take a hard look at themselves will determine their success.

"[Also] having management behind them in a way that was more than just words to support this effort but truly looking for them to make a difference in our environment; ( I attribute this to [my manager's] belief that they would, and did, as well as my own desire to improve! )

"The portions of the program I got the most out of were in two areas; first being the analysis that followed both the Myers Briggs and Kolbe tool sets. Lloyd's ability to help break these down to a meaningful trait/habit/comfort zone, etc. was very valuable. It was as if I was looking at myself from a completely different perspective that I usually do.

"Second, the balance of the sessions allowed me to continue to help keep focus on how important it is to continue to look within (or how to better understand an external situation). Even though I am constantly attempting to be in control of my immediate response I still lose that battle more often than I want. These sessions have helped me think about situations differently and gain better control!"

~ Mike LoPresti, Operations, Consumer Network Services, EDS

"I have used this to understand my strengths and weaknesses working with others with other MO's. My staff and all the people I work with have taken the profiling and have learned valuable information about each other and how to use those strengths. The other thing that was profound to me is that it reinforced that I was doing what I like to do. My profile came out as a manager, specifically product manager, and recognizing that I love to manage. When you asked me if I was doing this job or a similar job in 10 years, how would that make me feel, I immediately said I would not feel good about that but in truth I am doing what comes naturally to me so that was eye opening to me.

"The other values I see are the recognition by upper management valuing my contribution in allowing me to receive this coaching. It meant a lot to me to have my leaders support that. Also, the networking that comes along with working with you allowed us as managers to make some connections that otherwise we would have made assumptions about. So in the end I really valued this time we have had together and it has taught me skills that I will use in my career. I feel privileged in having you be part of my development and my life."

~ G. Rosencrans, Tech Leader

"Management coaching has benefited both myself, and my staff, in several ways. These sessions have helped us to identify the various areas where our level of communication was weakest among the team members. By focusing on the real purpose of meetings, being clear on who is expected to do what, and by when, has helped significantly to close up the 'cracks' that tasks seem to fall through all the time.

"In addition, we have all grown a new awareness of our personalities and aptitudes for performing the different types of work or tasks. This has helped immensely, in that expectations are much more easily set, and the work load distributed to the proper people and groups. This has created a much more relaxed environment, where my staff and myself are more comfortable speaking and sharing information freely. It has opened the door for us to be much more productive."

~ Kevin Kearns, Chief Technology Officer, Consumer Network Services, EDS


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